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Solnedgang Hallbjønnsekken

Tokke municipality has 2250 inhabitants with an area of 980 square kilometers. Lowest point is Bandak at 72 metres above sea level and highest point is Kvannmountain at 1537 metres above sea Level. The municipality is located in West Telemark and has boundaries to other municipalities: Vinje, Kviteseid, Fyresdal and Valle/Bykle in Setesdalen. The municipality lies in the Northern end of the Telemark Canal right in between Oslo and Stavanger.

Tokke municipality has long traditions with industry and export of whetstones ever since the age of the Vikings.

The copper mines in Åmdals Verk were active from the 16th century all the way until the Second World War.

The construction of the hydro power plant in the 1950s has given Tokke a wealthy income so they have been able to provide and expand on their services. Today Tokke is a modern industrialized and agricultural municipality with ever-growing tourism.

Dalen is the center for the Tokke municipality. In addition to Dalen, we have several urban areas like Høydalsmo, Åmdals Verk and Lårdal that are full of life. Local communities such as Byrte, Skafså, Mo, Austheii and Froland contribute to a gathered Tokke.

Tokke can offer unforgettable experiences with our vast array of hiking possibilities, museums and active communities.

Tokke's coat of arms

Tokke Kommunevåpen(black bear on yellow background)

Tokke municipality lies in a Territory previously reigned by bears. The last bear was shot at Bessevatn 9 in 2012, after it had shaken up the locals in Tokke for a longer period of time.

Kindergarten and schools

Tokke municipality has 2 primary and middle schools and a high school.

Outdoor recreation

Tokke municipality has had focus on its vast landscape and how to optimize the use for it. We have created several hikings trails in Tokke that are gorgeous in bother winter and summer. There are plenty of fish ready to be catched, plenty of botanic beauties ready to be seen and many elks and beavers waiting to be spotted.

In Høydalsmo lies the Høydalsmo skiarena with the skijump Huka. This is a modern state skifacility which qualifies for international events. Norwegian cup for cross-country skiing was held in 2002, and later on both the NC for Nordic combined for teams and WC for combined were set in Høydalsmo.

In all urban areas there has been estabilished skitracks with lighting.

Destination Hallbjønnsekken high up in the mountains has cabins, apartments, skifacilities and a cafe/restaurant.

Contact Us

Opening hours: 08:00 - 15.30. Closed saturday/sunday

Telephone: +47 35 07 52 00

Email: postmottak@tokke.kommune.no

Address: Tokke kommune, Storvegen 60, 3880 Dalen, Norway

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